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Julio César Chávez boxer waiting on his stool in the ring

Julio César Chávez boxer in decorated home

Julio César Chávez boxer painting  in home

Here is what my painting of the great boxer Julio César Chávez looks like on he walls of a client’s home. What is interesting to me is how well the painting goes in this casual yet professionally decorated room.julio Cesar Chavez on a boxing stool ready to fight I like the way they have brought in the orange color of the painting into the color of the chairs and footstools – and how the orange works with the blue color of their ocean view. What is also interesting to me about the room is that it is relatively small yet they are able to use this large painting effectively without overwhelming the space. The Julio César Chávez painting is five feet by six feet, acrylic on unstretched canvas.

As an old boxing fan I feel a need to tell you a little bit about Julio. He is considered the greatest Mexican fighter and one of the greatest fighters of all time. He fought and was most successful during the eighties and nineties.

Julio Ceaser Chávez won six world boxing championships over a twenty five year

Julio César Chávez boxer waiting on his stool in the ring
Boxer Julio César Chávez painting is 5 feet by 6 feet, acrylic on unstretched canvas

career in boxing. His championships were in the super featherweight, lightweight and light welterweight divisions and defended his titles twenty seven times.

He had thirteen years where he did not lose a fight with is the longest winning streak in boxing. He went eighty seven and zero. He had great punching power and loved to stalk his opponents and attack the body. He also had a strong chin. All of this success led to Chavez being inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.