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Art of the NFL Tom Brady: In Celebration of Super Bowl 50.

The Tom Brady painting is one of the paintings being displayed in the gallery  in Los Gatos ( near 49ers Levi’s Stadium where several of my pieces are permanently installed ).  The show is up from Jan 12 – Feb 7where can i buy antabuse

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, January 14th | 7:00 – 9:00 PM

 Special Guests

Dwight Clark (#87, Former 49er) was the receiver in the famous “Catch” which  refers to the winning touchdown reception by buy antabuse cheap off a where can i buy antabuse online pass in the January 10, 1982, buy antabuse disulfiram between the where do i buy antabuse and do you need a prescription to buy antabuse. The Catch is widely regarded as one of the most memorable events in buy fake antabuse history. The game represented the end of the Cowboys’ domination in the NFC since the conference’s inception in 1970, and the beginning of the 49ers’ rise as an NFL dynasty in the 1980s. (source: Wikipedia)  Also on hand will be Kyle Nelson (#86, Current 49er, Tight End & Long Snapper)

JCO’S Place – Fine Art  – 45 North Santa Cruz Ave. Los Gatos, CA 95030