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Painting Demonstration John Robertson Gallery Talk

This is a short video clip of Artist John Robertson from my recent museum talk and painting demonstration at thebuy antabuse disulfiram.  In the past I had participated in a couple of group shows at the museum.  Both shows were about art and agriculture.  Santa Paula is one of the most productive agriculture areas in California.

Egg man From Ventura Farmers Market

The figure you see in the video that I am painting is the egg man from the Saturday, where do i buy antabuse.  Painting the egg man was in keeping to the previous paintings I have shown at the museum.  We have been buying eggs from the egg man for a number of years and seemed like an appropriate subject matter..  His eggs are pure bred – free range and delicious.

I have been working on a series of large-scale (8 foot) figurative, agriculture paintings based on a series of photos taken over the last four years at the Ventura County Fair.  They have a big livestock section where the 4H and other youth agriculture groups show the animals they have raised over the previous year.  Other subjects have been from the different horse shows and events at the fair.

About the Santa Paula Art Museum

“The Santa Paula Art Museum, Jeanette Cole Art Center was established as a not-for-profit organization with a mission to preserve and share Santa Paula’s artistic heritage including the famous Santa Paula Art Collection;  and to educate and engage the community through collection, exhibition, interpretation, programming and outreach.  “The information is from their website”

“The Santa Paula Art Museum is, in part, the repository and exhibition hall for the famous Santa Paula Art Collection. The valuable assemblage represents the accumulation of award winning entries in the Santa Paula Art Show which began in 1937.”…” The works that comprise the Collection reflect both Southern California’s art history and this community’s unique local history.”


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Is it safe to buy viagra online in canada, Virtual viagra review

The buy antabuse paypal has invited John Robertson to speak and and give a painting demonstration and gallery talk about  large-scale figurative painting. 3:00 PM, Thursday, March 10. Please join me at:

John Robertson Large scale painting of a tattooist painted on canvas used in a painting demonstration
Figurative Painting of Luis by Artist John Robertson is 40″ x 84″ ink and acrylic on unstretched canvas

Santa Paula Art Museum,117 North 10th Street, Santa Paula, Ca.

$4 Adults, $3 Seniors, Students and museum members free

The painting you see in the photograph is of Luis, a tattoo artist who works in a tattoo shop in the same complex where my studio is located. As you can see, he is covered in tattoos including his face. He has plenty of piercings also. Luis has been tattooing for about twenty years and is quite an accomplished artist. He paints in oils and not surprisingly his subject matter tends towards the dark side. This painting is 40″ by 84″ ink and acrylic on unstretched canvas.

The Santa Paula Art Museum has gallery talks every second Thursday of the month at 3:00 pm for talk and tour through the Museum’s galleries led by guest curators, artists, and experts.