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WHEN PAINTING A PORTRAIT a relationship is established. I try and peel away the layers and bare their inner soul. The person knows I may distort their perception of themselves and understand that identity is something more than a visual representation. I don’t feel a need to reproduce a face. I’m more interested in the idea of the person. I want to challenge people to think and to react – but not necessarily see an exact likeness of the person.



Figurative Paintings

I try to create an unconventional approach toward figurative painting, by turning from traditional representation to emotional and psychological investigation.  I may use only one or two color and dripping and splattered ink and paint to create a particular insight. This leads to a psychological narrative and all its implications as a conceptual representation of the subject.



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Large, agriculture fields are nearby where I live and my studio is two blocks from the beach.  I see both the fields and the sea most days of the week.  I do not use any reference material except for the images that I carry around in my head from all the years I have spent near the ocean.  I had a studio for fifteen years that faced the ocean which was no more than a couple of hundred yards away from me.  And previous to that my home of thirty years had a vast ocean view. Even as a child I could see the ocean from my bedroom.

Interesting Article About Artist

There is intriguing article about the artist John Robertson from the Los Angeles Times written by the Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Al Martinez.  It was published in the Los Angeles Times, Portrait painting of Al Martinez Los Angele Times journalist and columnist painted by artist John Robertsonfront page, Southern California Living Section E, Thursday, July 19, 2001.  Although the column was written s number of years ago it certainly captures the essence of John.

Below is the beginning of the column and if interested you can click on the link which will lead you to the rest of the story.

Al Martinez’s column

I have a dream tucked away in the shadows of my mind but I don't know exactly what it is yet. I'm hoping that one of these days the shadows will lift and the dream will emerge, like an
Emerald City glowing in the distance.  Meanwhile, it exists out there in the darkness, a land I've never visited in a world that doesn't exist.

I've been thinking about this for two reasons. One has to do with John Robertson, whom I'll get to in a minute, and the other with a play at the Ahmanson called "The Flight of the Lawnchair Man".  It was in a trilogy of one-act plays about fate and goals and where life takes us. Sometimes whether we want to go there or not. ......to continue click here

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