Recent Sports Art Projects

Artist John Robertson’s most recent project is sports art paintings for the new Minnesota Vikings stadium which will open at the beginning of the football season in August of 2016.  He has recently created three large-scale baseball paintings for the “National Pastime Museum.” Other projects include 5 large-scale paintings for the new San Francisco 49er’s football stadium (Levi Stadium) in Santa Clara, Ca. opened in 2014.  John has created art for Fox Sports, Fox Sports Net, Prudential Sports Arena (home of the New Jersey Nets and the New Jersey Devils), the Amway Sports Arena, Orlando Florida home of the Orlando Magic and various other commercial projects. His paintings have been in movies and television shows. He has also created a number of images for private clients.


For a  discussion about a commissions of your favorite sports figure or paintings of yourself, family or friends please contact me through the “about/contact”  link.

Willie Mays Fox Sports Video with John Robertson Paintings

Willie Mays interview by Derek Jeter Ken Griffey Jr. during the 2007 Major League Baseball All Star Game for Fox Sports. The paintings of Willie Mays you see that are used in the interview were painted by me.  Some people have asked how this video came about.  Originally, a director or producer, (may have been both) from  Fox Sports was looking for an artist and had seen some of my sports paintings.  He was driving down Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica, Ca. and saw my sports paintings in the window of the Temple Bar.  He called me and asked if I was interested in painting for a commercial.  I thought it was one of my friends messing with me.  But it was legitimate – although it did take him a few minutes to convince me he was for real.  He then invited me to Fox Sports in West Los Angeles and explained what he wanted.  And, of course I got the commission for a commercial and later did the paintings for this short video below.


More Sports Art Paintings by Artist John Robertson

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